Spoken Word Night 25 : Tales from the DRC

Back in the days of the D'mala Shard, we had to keep ourselves entertained, since there was no new content or story coming. An explorer by the name of vid started Spoken Word Night, a chance for people to get together and use voice chat to read their favorite or original stories, poetry, and basically whatever they wanted to read. It continued through the move to Uru Live, and then after the shutdown in 2008, others carried the tradition to other worlds. However, with the return of Uru Live, it to returns to the Cavern! You can join Spoken Wrod Night on Wednesday nights at 5PM KI Time (US Mountain Time) in the Uru Obsession Neighborhood.

As Spoken Word Night #25 approached, a few of us decided to do something special. We called ourselves The Bad Boys and Girls of Uru, and wrote and performed an original play, Tales from the DRC, live in the Neighborhood on September 20, 2006. It was the first live play ever performed in Uru, much less the first original play! Though lag was heavy, it was a great success, and led to an eventual sequel.

SWN25 Teaser Trailer
The teaser trailer for SWN25 didn't show much, but it got attention with its secret message!
(Teaser trailer created by vid)

Trailer 1 - D'ni Park
Our first "real" trailer, this one spoofed a certain popular dinosaur movie.
Streaming | Download (3MB)

Trailer 2 - 'The Real One'
This was our second "real" trailer, but the first to use actual dialogue from the play, and gave some idea of what was to come.
Streaming | Download (4MB)

Spoken Word Night 25 - Tales from the DRC
Finally, if you couldn't make it to the live show, you too can now see the full performance of SWN25! It's an hour and a half long, so be sure to let it load well in advance, and give yourself plenty of time to watch and laugh!
(Due to the size of this video, no high-quality download is available. However, you can download it from the streaming site.)

SWN25 - The Complete Audio
The complete audio soundtrack is available to download here (71MB, ZIP)

Spoken Word Night 50 : Back to the Cavern

Following the success of SWN25, we knew there had to be a sequel. The work was hard, and were it not for the incredible effort from a few, and a little help from the Maker, it would never have come together. But in the end, near the last possible moment, we came together and performed SWN50 live in the Cavern on Wednesday, April 9, 2008, just before the shutdown of Uru Live. Now that MO:UL is back again, we fear there may yet be a SWN75. Stay tuned, for the ending has probably not yet been written...

SWN50 Trailer - Drunken Kodama Karaoke
Our one and only trailer for SWN50 featured a very drunk Doctor Kodama doing karaoke in the Neighborhood classroom.

SWN50 - The Complete Audio
Unfortunately, we were unable to get video of the performance, though perhaps a repeat performance will be filmed in the future. The complete audio soundtrack is available to download here (179MB, ZIP)