Other Videos

Here are a few other videos, made by other people, but which I've put in my YouTube account.

Original Uru Live GameTap Promo
This is the first promo video put out on GameTap for Uru Live. Since so few people were GameTap members back then, and couldn't see it, I put it on YouTube for everyone to check out.
(Video created by GameTap and Cyan Worlds)

Myst Lemmings Trailer
A parody trailer combining two great games - Myst and Lemmings! The original hosting site is gone, and a friend sent me a copy, so I put it up on YouTube.
(Video created by Lonely-to-25)

Urwin Footage
When Neghilan first came out, many wanted to see the Urwin, but couldn't get there at the right times. An explorer got some footage, and I put it up on YouTube for everyone to see.
(Video created by joaopedro)