Music Videos

Ever since I discovered anime music videos, I've wanted to make some of my own. But I never found just the right songs for the right anime, and so never did anything. Then the machinema craze started with Red vs Blue, and I thought it'd be great to do something with a video game, but again, I couldn't find the right thing. It wasn't until the return of Uru, and seeing the first two videos Marten made, that I thought about making videos in Uru. Things came together pretty quickly on my first videos, which were simple things, but the videos have grown longer over time. I hope you enjoy them!

Roam Around D'ni
My first music video! To celebrate the opening of the D'mala Shard and the possible return of Uru Live, I grabbed up a bunch of people to show that we can still roam around D'ni if we want!
Artist : The B-52s
Song : Roam
Album : Cosmic Thing (1989)
Streaming | Download (14MB)

Rock Lobsters?
After so much fun with the first video, I decided I wanted to do a second, shorter one, with another B-52s song. However, I did want it to be a bit different, and after catching an episode of Family Guy, inspiration hit me.
Artist : The B-52s (as sung by Peter Griffin)
Song : Rock Lobster
Album : The B-52s (1990)
Streaming | Download (6MB)

Happy Feet (Dancing in D'ni)
Back in the time of D'mala, there wasn't a lot to do that we hadn't already done, so we had to make our own entertainment. Among other things, that meant a lot of parties and dancing! Happy Feet were breaking out all over D'ni.
Artist : Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
Song : Happy Feet (High Heels Mix)
Album : Something for Everybody (1998) (Baz Luhrman)
Streaming | Download (21MB)

Roam Around D'ni (Masterpiece Edition)
After learning a few tricks from the highly-talented Marten, I decided to redo my original video. Unfortunately, I lost the original layout, and had to reassemble the video, so it's slightly different. But it's brighter, and better assembled (I think), so I called it my Masterpiece Edition.
Artist : The B-52s
Song : Roam
Album : Cosmic Thing (1989)
Streaming | Download (51MB)
(Note: This streaming video has been blocked by YouTube everywhere except Germany. Please download it if you'd like to watch it!)

Taking the Long Way Around to Uru Live
On the day Uru Live finally launched its open beta status and came up on GameTap, I released this video. It shows how we've all taken a very long way to get there, but finally made it to Uru Live!
Artist : The Dixie Chicks
Song : The Long Way Around
Album : Taking The Long Way (2006)
Streaming | Download (68MB)

Goodbye Until Uru
Until Uru sustained us after Ubisoft shut down Uru Prologue. Fans ran the Cyan-released code on their own servers (called Shards), and let us all congregate in the empty shell of the Cavern and Ages, with the hope that it would only be until Uru returned. Thankfully, the dream came true, but that spelled the end of Until Uru and all the Shards. On D'mala's last day, I visited all my Ages and shut everything down, leaving it the way I found it. This is my farwell to Until Uru, and thanks to all those who kept the dream alive.
Artist : Akira Yamaoka
Song : Rain of Brass Petals
Album : Silent Hill 3 Original Soundtrack (2003)
Streaming | Download (68MB)