Haunted Cones

A couple of glitches in the game have made for fun video opportunities.

The cones are everywhere in the Cavern, their orange sight a reminder to avoid danger. Little did we know, the cones were the danger!

Once, the Cavern witnessed a great battle. The Cone Wars raged for ten years, as the cones fought for supremacy against the Flying Monkey Corps. As the cones were on the verge of defeat, the One True Cone arose from the lake to destroy the Flying Monkeys once and for all. She drove them from the Cavern, but at the cost of all her energy. She once again sank below the waves, to rest until She needed to aid Her children once more.

The cones went dormant, sleeping in their favorite places (edges of cliffs, near falling rubble, and such), and slept peacefully until the Explorers appeared. The Explorers, with their habit of kicking cones around, made the cones angry! Slowly, they are awakening, and perhaps even the One True Cone will return as well. We must be wary, for we may be fighters in Cone Wars II: Attack of the Cones!

Haunted Cones
Watch in terror as cones chase Explorers around the Uru Obsession Neighborhood!
Song 1 : Bruit Electronique
Artist 1 : Madam Absolut
Song 2 : Furon Theme and Union Town Undisguised
Artist 2 : Garry Schyman
Streaming | Download (18MB)

Haunted Cones 2 - Coned by Dawn
Witness the horror as a pack of vicious cones attacks an Explorer in the Gay D'ni GLBT Neighborhood!
Song : The MFF vs. The Evil Dead
Artist : Monkey Farm Frankenstein
Streaming | Download (28MB, mpeg)